Painting Services

Painting services- We can do it all! We also offer different techniques such as Colour Washing, Suede and Colour Dragging!

Residential Painting

We have served clients throughout South Africa for the past 10 years and have the experience and knowledge to complete all residential projects. There is no job too big or too small – we do them all – flat, townhouse, house, roof, outbuilding and part of your home inside or outside including perimeter walls or Wendy Houses.

Should you require the services of a residential painting contractor, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you with a free quote.

Industrial Painting

We are experienced commercial painters and painting contractors for all projects in Gauteng and Cape Town. Commercial and Industrial Paint Contractors for projects such as large and small industrial buildings plus factory floor and roof.

Metal Painting & Steel Painting

Metal and steel structure can look brand new with a coat of paint. When it comes to preparing metal & steel, you really need the professionals to step in.
Putting paint on metal and steel is not straight forward. Preparation is of utmost importance.

For example, you cannot apply paint on top of rust. Preparing rusty surfaces prior to painting is vital.

Office Painting

When it comes to applying paint to your home, office or factory, we know that preparation and planning are part of the deal. We pride our self in correctly preparing surfaces, allowing paint to last as long as possible.

A good painter must also be a waterproofing specialists.

We can assist in making the correct decision on what paint to use and what preparation needs to take place before any paint is put to a brush. SA professional painters is able to furnish a safe working environment when it comes to difficult spots to paint. We will use the correct scaffolding or safety ropes to ensure the job gets done. We have a wealth of experience in all matters of paint. Give us a call today or complete the contact us form for a no obligation quote. If you want your home, office, factory or roof looking new give us a call now!

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